Dear Customers,The room staff is available to provide you with any information about the nature, origin and methods of preparation of the raw materials used in the preparations of the dishes offered on the menu. We invite you to inform the room staff of the need to consume food without certain allergenic substances before ordering. During cooking preparations, cross-contamination cannot be excluded, therefore our dishes may contain the following allergenic substances, in accordance with Reg. EU 1169/11 Annex II.

1. Gluten-containing cereals
2. Shellfish and shellfish based products
3. Eggs and Egg based products
4. Fish and fish based products
5. Peanuts and peanut based products
6. Soy and soy-based products
7. Milk and milk-based products
8. Shell nuts
9. Celery and celery-based products
10. Mustard and mustard-based products
11. Sesame seeds and sesame seed products
12. Sulphur dioxide and Sulphites
13. Lupins and Lupins-based products
14. Molluscs and molluscs-based products

Dishes marked with * are prepared with frozen ingredients. Some fresh products of animal origin, as well as fishery products administered raw or practically raw, are subjected to rapid temperature reduction to ensure their quality and safety, as described in the HACCP plan procedures to accordance with Reg. CE 852/04 and Reg. CE 853/04. In This exercise we also use treated and carbonated drinkingwater under paragraph 5 art. 13 D. LGs. 181/03.

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