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Tasting menu50€/pers
Min. 2 persons
  • Cold cuts platter
  • Beef carpaccio, goat cheese, taralli crumble and tellicherry pepper (1,7)
  • Lime breaded strips, pistachio cream (1,8)
  • Flat iron steak made with Primitivo wine
  • Pluma Iberica with sweet and sour burnt pepper, peanut powder (5)
La Vacca 60€/pers
Min. 2 persone
  • Beef tartare with apple, caramelized onion and lemon dressing
  • Meatballs with fondue of Monte 27, dried tomato and almonds (7,8)
  • Florentine of beef 1kg
  • Mixed side dishes
Cold cuts platter 18€
Salsiccia di Bra di giornata 5€/hg
accompagnata da bruschette calde
Cheese platter 14€
Scaloppe di foie gras 16€
Tris of toasts 13€
with beef tartare, stracciatella cheese and coffee powder (1,8)
Crunchy sausage cacio e pepe 12€
marinated red cabbage, pistachio powder (1,7,8)
Beef tartare 15€
Smith apple, caramelized onion and lemon dressing
Braciolette 12€
with gravy and stracchino cheese fondue
Meatballs 12€
with datterino cream and mortadella chips with truffles
Tris of tartare of the chef 25€
Pumpkin and vegetable parmesan 10€
Tris of tacos with our pulled pork 14€
Crostone di polenta di Storo 16€
con salsiccia di Bra e tartufo a scaglie
Orecchiette with ragu sauce 15€
made with black pork ribs from Parma and creamed with Monte 27 cheese (1,7)
Fusillone with turnip greens 15€
patanegra lard and crunchy bread crumbs
Saghetti 14€
cacio e pepe with lime zest
Prussian steak or t-bone steak 7,5€/hg
manzetta prussiana marezzatura extra Macelleria Pallotta
Prussian steak or t-bone steak 8€/hg
Italian frisian breed from Prealpi Orobie
Beef picanha 250g/25€ or 600g/50€
grilled with sichuan pepper and rosemary
Baby back ribs 26€
from local pork, served with our bbq sauce (7,5,8)
Pork filet 24€
wine reduction
Beef fillet 28€
grilled with its sauces
Beef ribs 28€
with our chimichurri sauce
Iberian pluma 26€
Sauteed chicory 5€
Baked potatoes 5€
Cardoncelli mushrooms from the grill 7€
Baked pumpkin with amaretti 5€
Forest fruit tart 6€
Pastiera of ricotta 6€
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Wine list

Bread and service 2€