La ricerca e la selezione costante di piccoli produttori, che mettono la qualità al centro del loro lavoro, sono la nostra passione. Porteremo sulla vostra tavola alcune tra le migliori gemme che abbiamo raccolto, nate da lavorazioni artigianali e in condizioni naturali uniche.

Tasting MENUS

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La Tradizionale  28€
The Traditional is the first tasting menu that we have ever created. A journey of four courses through the most important tastes of our history.
  • Marinated meats
  • Cured and smoked hams
  • Cooked hams
  • Poker of cheese (7)
La Snella 23€
A smaller version of the 'Tradizionale', three boards instead of four.
La Matta 42€
Our last creation, a path designed to satisfy unconscious desires.Four courses of the best cuts of meat we have ever found.
  • The beef and the pork: Loin, Cecina de León, Pata Negra, parma ham cured with Barolo wine
  • Game meats: deer smoked carpaccio, duck breast speck, speck of buffalo, tartare of roe deer
  • Tuscan-Emilian wild boar ribs marinated in beer and honey
  • Poker of cheeses, a crescendo of intensity: fresh, semi-matured, aged and blue cheese (7)
i crostoni
Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea 10€
stracciatella, Cantabrian anchovies and lemon zest
'Nduja 9€
buffalo ricotta, 'nduja, patanegra lard
Ham aged in Barolo wine 11€
​served with tomatoes concasse
Paté di foie gras 15€
smoked duck breast, balsamic reduction with ginger, hazelnut crumble (1,8)
Sword fish 13€
hummus of chickpeas, lime, swordfish marinated with beetroot, chopped almonds
Salami paste and pistachios 10€
salami paste, balsamic vinegar reduction, aged cheese flakes, chopped pistachios
Parmigiano Reggiano (32 months) 13€
Porcini mushrooms, and artichokes ​(1,7)
​Cold cuts 10€/pers
Poker of cheese 7€/pers
Sliced fishes 17€/pers
from the Sicilian sea (4)
Ham cured for 48 mesi 18€
with stracciatella cheese (7)
Tagliere iberico 16€
Paleta and lard of Patanegra, Cecina de Leon, anchovies from the Cantabrian sea (4)
Tagliere ubriaco 16€
cold cuts and cheeses refined with wine ​(7)
Marinated beef carpaccio 18€
with Mushrooms and Beer Cheese Shavings (7)
Beetroot bresaola 13€
​with organic chickpea hummus


Our carpaccio
Local and fresh meat marinated in salt, sugar, pepper, lime and a mix 
of spices. After twenty days, the meat lose its water and absorb all the great aroms to become a tasty breasola!
Our XXL ham
Our ham comes from a big size bred of pig race closed 
to Cremona. They are fed only with barley, mais, corn and soy cultivated directly in the field of the same farmer. The pig can weight more than 300kg. XXL! To cured that kinf of meat you 
need at least 48 months. Don’t remove the fat part!
180g tartares are served with stracciatella, salad, and a matching sauce (7)
Piedmontese beef  8,5€ / 17€
80g / 180g
+ add a quail egg 2€
Horse tartare 9€ / 18€
80g - 160g
+ add a quail egg 2€
Fish of the week 12€ / 22€
120g / 80g (14)
Game meat 17
Pork from Parma 8€ / 16€
60g / 100g
Vegetarian tartare 14€
Piedmontese Fassona Tartare 19€
with Smoked Stracciatella, Spilinga 'Nduja, Pistachio (7,8)
Trionfo low and slow 21€
trio of meet cooked for 36h at low temperature served with toasted bun, green cabbage (1)
Le polpette 15€
handmade meatballs with sauce
Braised pork shank in beer 20€
with oven-baked potatoes (1)
Octopus tentacle 20€
on mashed potato and lemon oil (8,9,14)
Baked Pizzoccheri 14€
Homemade Cheesecake 6€
made with bufalo ricotta and strawberry jam (1,3,7)
Tiramisu 6€
Sweet of the day 6€

Coperto 2€


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