Cold cuts 10€
mix selection from Sapori Solari
Le bresaole 12€
bresaola of Valtellina IGP, marinated beef and bufalo ricotta cheese (7)
Roastbeef with tuna sauce 11€
roastbeef of fassona with salad, tomatoes and tuna sauce (3)
Crudo e burrata 11€
parma ham and stracciatella cheese (7)
Carpaccio of sword fish 16€
marinated with beetroots, served with avocado and cherry dried tomatoes (4)
Bresaola of tuna 14€
with melon and cherry tomatoes (4)
Caprese 14€
bufalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil (7)
Grilled Vegetable Millefeuille 13€
with Stracciatella and Basil Oil (7)
Tartare of Piedmontese beef 16€
with salad, homemade mustard and stracciatella cheese (160g) (7,10)
Tartare of horse 17€
with salad, olives' paté and stracciatella cheese (160g)(7,10)
Tartare of game meat 17€
with stracciatella cheese and salad (120g) (7)
Tartare of fish 21€
of the day with stracciatella cheese and salad (120g) (4,14,7)
Parma pork sausage tartare 14€
with salad (100g)
Vegetarian Tartare 12€
with stracciatella cheese (120g) (7)

14€/ sandwich, served with baked potatoes!
Coal bread with horse tartare
tartar sauce, marinated green cabbage, tomatoes (1,3)
Coal bread with beef tartare
tartar sauce, tomatoes and mixed salad (1,3)
Coal bread with pulled pork
cooked at law temperature for 24h, its reduction, marinated green cabbage, cocktail sauce (made with brandy) (1,3)
Black burger with octopus CBT
topped with grappa-infused pecorino shavings, crispy pancetta, sea mayonnaise, yellow cherry tomatoes, and lettuce. (1,3,7,14)
Club sandwich
speck of chicken, egg, pancetta, salad, tartar sauce (1,3)
Club sandwich
smoked salmon, tomatoes, ricotta, salad (1,4,7)
(1,7 allergeni)
+ with turmeric focaccia +1€
Mitico 9€
Chianina beef carpaccio, buffala ricotta cheese, oil and pepper (1,7)
Mitico + 10€
polpa di chianina marinata, ricotta di bufala, lardo di Patanegra, pomodoro olio evo pepe (1,7)
Parma  9€
parma ham, tomatoes, stracciatella cheese, basil-infused oil (1,7)
Cotto  8€
ham, strachino cheese, patè of olives, tomatoes (1,7)
Gustoso  9€
pancetta cooked with Barolo wine, toma cheese, tomatoes (1,7)
Inglese in langa  10€
roastbeef, rockets, tomatoes, handmade tuna sauce (1,3,7)
Forza e coraggio 8€
‘nduja di Spilinga (spicy and creamy sausage), lard of patanegra, bufalo ricotta cheese (1,7)
Valtellina 11€
bresaola from Valtellina IGP, rockets, bufalo ricotta, lemon oil (1,7)
Tartufato 10€
Black truffle mortadella, raw milk Taleggio cheese from Val Brembana, yellow cherry tomatoes, and pistachios (1,7)
Toast of Sapori Solari 7€
3 layers (1,7)
Smoked swordfish 14€
smocked sword fish, stracciatella cheese, avocado with lime, salad and tomatoes (1,4,7)
Smoked tuna 14€
bresaola of tuna, stracciatella cheese, salad, tomatoes (1,4,7)
Casaro 8€
Toma dei Pascoli cheese, grilled vegetables, mustard, and sliced almonds (1,7,10)
Fumè 10€
Speck, toma di montagna, porcini (1,7)
+ Add some sauce/cream +0,5€
Tartara sauce, Truffle and mushroom cream​, Tuna sauce, Mustard, Cocktail sauce, Olives paste, ‘Nduja di spilinga (spicy and creamy sausage), Avocado and lime, Rocket pesto (+1€)
+ Add a crunchy topping +1€
Chicken breast 13€
with curry, vegetables and black rice
Tuscan-Emilian Wild Boar Ribs 18€
with Oven-Baked Potatoes
Small Lasagna 13€
with Porcini Mushrooms (1,7)
Octopus tentacle 18€
on mashed potato and lemon oil (8,9,14)
Traditional meatballs in sauce 14€

🍚​ Choose between black or basmati rice
Pulled pork 13€
cooked at law temperature, rice, tomatoes, marinated green cabbage, green apple
Speck of chicken 13€
rice, tomatoes, marinated green cabbage, avocado
Fish tartare 15€
with rice, daily catch fish tartare, white melon, cherry tomatoes, and fennel (4)
Beef carpaccio 13€
rice with strips of Chianina carpaccio, mozzarella, cabbage, and cherry tomatoes (7)
Bresaola of tuna 15
rice with cherry tomatoes, marinated cabbage, avocado, and tuna bresaola (4)
Porcini Mushrooms 14
rice with Porcini Mushrooms, Walnuts, Speck, and Shavings of Grana Cheese (7,8)
Contadina 9€
smoked chicken breast, mixed salad, slakes of parmesan cheese, tomatoes (7)
Insalata speciale 12€
bresaola of tuna, bufalo mozzarella, mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, carrots, olives (4,7)
la Siciliana 13€
Mixed Greens, Swordfish Carpaccio with Beetroots, Chickpeas, Almonds, Cherry Tomatoes (2,8)
La Norvegese 12€
smoked salmon, green salad, fennels, orange, olives (4)
La veg 10
salad, cherry tomatoes, bresaola of beetroots, hummus, carrots (7)
Manzetta 13
marinated beef carpaccio strips, mixed greens, apple, organic chickpeas, pecorino cheese shavings, walnuts.
Cheesecake with bufalo ricotta 6€
handcarft jam on top (1,3,7)
Tiramisu 6€
Dessert of the day 6€
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