🍸  From 18.00 to 20.30
Two canapés from our selection and chips, from 8€

🍸  You can ask our staff for wine pairing!
L'abbraccio 45€
Who says that the flavors of the land and the ones of the sea can’t get along? Four courses to change your mind.
  • Tricky cold cuts surf and turf (4)
  • Bis of tartare: Piedmontese beef tartare with quail egg (3) e bluefin tuna from Sicily (4),
  • Octopus tentacle, potatoes cream, 'ndjua crumble, oil and basil (4),
  • Wrapped red prawn* in Parma ham and lard of Patanegra (2)
+ Add a poker of cured cheese(7) 5€
La Tradizionale  28€
The Traditional is the first tasting menu that we have ever created. A journey of four courses through the most important tastes of our history.
  • Marinated meats,
  • Cured and smokef hams,
  • Cooked hams,
  • Poker of cheese (7)
Degustazione Tapas 39€
  • Tartare of pork sausage,
  • Roll with Chianina beef carpaccio, buffalo cheese, mint, salad (7)
  • Cured ham served with capsicum jam and stracciatella cheese (7)
  • Black Bun stuffed with pulled pork, bourbon sauce and coleslaw
  • Tapas at the chef's choice
  • Hot tapas at the chef's choice

For every tasting menu, it is possible to add a tartare of 80g
  • Fassona Piedmontese beef tartare 8€
  • Vegetarian or seasonal salad (9,11) 7€
  • Red prawn tartare*(2) 10€
  • Tuna tartare (14) 10€
Friday and saturday until 20.30 only
Wrapped red prawn* 9€
in Parma ham and lard of Patanegra (2)
Canapés with anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea 6€
2 canapés with burrata stracciatella and lemon zest (4,7)
Toast with salami paste 6€
parmesan flakes, balsamic reduction
Marinated Chianina beef carpaccio roll 6€
buffalo ricotta prepared with yoghurt and mint, corn salad
Wrap of buffalo mozzarella 6€
rocket and raw ham with truffles, tomato flakes
Piedmontese fassona tartare 8€
with mustard and stracciatella (80g)
Bluefin tuna tartare 11€
with avocado cream (70g) (4)
Vegetarian tartare 7€
(70g) (9,11)
Gambero Rosso from Mazara del Vallo 6€
Friday and saturday until 20.30 only
Beef meatballs 10€
with guanciale sauce
Autumn vegetable flan 8€
with Frisona Alpina soft cheese fondue
Iberian pluma 7€
with cream of peppers and ginger
Bombette Sapori Solari 12€
filled with Barolo bacon and smoked provola
Bun with pulled pork 4€
bourbon sauce and our coleslaw salad
Bun woth octopus 5€
black cabbage, stracciatella
Black pork ribs from Parma 6€
glazed with our bbq sauce
Crispy Recco focaccia 9€
with cured Barolo Ham
Cold cuts of meat 10€/pers
Poker of refined cheeses 7€
Marinated beef carpaccio 13€
with cabbage salad
Giant pork raw ham 17€
with stracciatella cheese and pepper jam
Fish cold cuts 17€/pers
from the Sicilian seas (4)
Beetroot bresaola 10€
with organic chickpea hummus
Each tartare is accompanied by salad, matching sauce and stracciatella (7)
Piedmontese Fassona 17€
with artisan mustard (180g)
Bluefin tuna tartare 22€
with avocado cream and lime (120g) (4)
Red prawn tartare* 25€
avocado cream and lime (120g) (2)
Sardinian shrimp ceviche22€
Iberian pluma18€
with cream of peppers and ginger
Octopus tentacle 18€
potato cream, 'nduja crumble, basil oil
Black pork ribs from Parma 18€
glazed with our bbq sauce with saffron mashed potatoes
Cheesecake of buffalo ricotta 6€
served with homemade jam: red fruits, pistachio or hazelnut (1,3,7)
Brownie 6€
with caramelized pears (1,3,7)
Panna cotta with coffee 6€
with salted caramel (1,3,7)
Sweets of the day 6€

Wine pairing by the glass6-10€

Service charges 2€